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Inquiries in Russian archives
I have gathered rich experience in a multitude of archives in Moscow, Siberia and, of course, Germany. With pleasure I make inquiries in the accessible archives in Russia and Germany.

This includes inquiries about your forefathers, who emigrated to America from Russia or Germany.

For this kind of work I charge a daily rate of 320 US $, not included in this sum are expenses for visa, board and lodging, tickets and expenses which are connected with the inquiries themselves, e.g. for photocopies.

For inquiries in Russia you have to calculate with a researcher`s stay of several days, because the working conditions in Russian archives are limited. Usually you have to wait for one or two days after your registration till you get the ordered files. Also the number of files you can order on a daily basis is normally limited. The average charge for photocopies is about 1 US $ per sheet.

Before every inquiries commence, I estimate the expenditure of time to be expected and let you know the approximate prize. If it becomes apparent that this price will be exceeded, I inform you in time. You then decide yourself, whether you want me to proceed with the inquiries or you want me to stop and charge for the work done up to this point.
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