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About me
Born in a little town in Southern Germany, I developed a keen interest in Russia at an early stage in my life. After graduating from secondary school, the obvious decision for me was to study Eastern European History at the University of Tuebingen and to finish these studies with a doctoral dissertation.

In the course of my historical research I worked in all major Moscow archives (RGVIA = Military History Archive, GARF = State Archive of the Russian Federation, RGASPI = Former Central Party Archive; RGADA = Archive of Old Files, RGVA = Military Archive), in the state and former Communist Party archives in Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk and in a great number of German Archives.

I visited Moscow and Siberia more than 15 times, sometimes for several months.

Since 1994 I am working as a translator and interpreter for Russian.
I am a sworn translator for Russian documents, certified before the district court of Ravensburg in Southern Germany.

I am married to a native Russian and we have one son.

We are living now near Ravensburg – in Wilhelmsdorf, the village of the storks.
about me

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