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Many people think that it is enough to have an excellent command of a foreign language to be able to work as a translator. However, professional translation means much more, such as knowledge of the cultures of the source and target languages and the conventions prevailing in them.

I provide professional translations in the language pairs Russian-German, English-German and German-Russian at a fair price.

You can turn to me with confidence in the following subject areas:
  • Law (deeds, judgments, contracts, etc.)
  • History
  • Art and culture
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • Computer Science
  • Psychology
  • Local human resources and wages.
  • Pricing
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Übersetzungsbüro Dr. Georg Wurzer
Dr. Georg Wurzer Translations Russian- Englisch-German
Dr. Georg Wurzer
Thummstraße 6

D-88271 Wilhelmsdorf
E-Mail: kontakt@wurzer-uebersetzungen.de
Mobile: +49 176 - 28 37 95 41
Phone: +49 7503 / 9 31 98 85
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